Austerra Funds

Austerra’s proprietary Funds provide investors with vehicles in which to store their wealth that are substantially sheltered from the unpredictable swings of the public equity and fixed income markets. Their low downside volatility and lack of correlation to the public markets make them desirable as a stand-alone investment or as a core component of a well-designed portfolio strategy.

Risk Reduction Benefit

For the majority of Austerra’s Investment Management Clients, the Funds serve as the most important tools used to reduce overall portfolio risk and are the foundation upon which asset allocation strategies are built. Because the Funds are capable of producing positive returns, regardless of equity and fixed income market conditions, they play a vital role in preserving principal in client portfolios during down markets.

Austerra is of the opinion that you can only achieve the desired risk reduction benefits of diversification by constructing portfolios that include assets that have substantially no relationship to each other. Many investment professionals, and unfortunately their clients, learned a painful lesson during the 2008 credit crisis – that in times of severe economic stress, most traditional stock and bond investments tend to behave the same way (decline in value), rendering traditional diversification methodologies virtually worthless.

Austerra’s proprietary Funds strategically combine a number of diversified private investments that not only perform independently of the public stock and bond markets, but also that perform independently of each other.

For a more detailed description of Austerra’s proprietary Funds, including their goals, objectives, risks and investment strategies, please contact Austerra Wealth Management LLC.