About Austerra

Mission Statement

To help clients successfully navigate today’s complex financial world through a highly personalized combination of sound counsel, creative planning, and appropriate investments.

Our Story

Austerra Wealth Management LLC is a full service independent wealth management firm formed to cater to the demanding financial needs of business owners, successful professionals, and wealthy families. At Austerra, we understand every client is unique and so are their financial needs, so a “listen first” approach is taken to thoroughly understand our clients’ situation before customizing a solution. We establish long-term partnerships with our clients based on trust, straightforward communication, and results. Austerra Wealth Management LLC is a fee only independent Registered Investment Advisor that does not receive commissions or sell insurance. Austerra is deliberately independent in order to remain completely unbiased in its advice, free from investment bank, brokerage firm, and insurance company hidden agendas. The financial success of our clients is our number one objective and every aspect of our business is intentionally structured that way. After listening to investors over the years who wanted to earn a reasonable return on their money, without taking significant risk to do so, Austerra developed its proprietary Funds that today sit at the heart of our investment strategy.

Client Experience

When you work with Austerra, you will always be greeted by a firm handshake from an investment professional who knows your name and who looks you in the eye. Honesty, sincerity, personalization, and a proactive, results-driven approach helps set Austerra apart from our competitors. It is not uncommon for client engagements to evolve into meaningful friendships over time. It is these deep relationships upon which Austerra was built and continues to grow today.

Our Services

  1. Austerra Funds – Clients invest directly into Austerra’s proprietary Funds and source the balance of their investments elsewhere.
  2. Investment Management – Clients engage Austerra to manage a diversified portfolio of investments on their behalf, based on their unique financial circumstances. Their allocation often includes an investment in Austerra’s proprietary Funds as a means of reducing the risk of their overall portfolio.
  3. Wealth Management – Clients engage Austerra to provide comprehensive Financial Planning services in addition to Investment Management.